What We Do

Delivering results through specialization.

Cellos Tech has established a range of practices designed to address the specific needs of our clients within particular areas of specialisation. Our practices exist to manage the development of our people, intellectual capital and to provide subject matter expertise on engagements so that we can continually provide the outstanding service to our clients.

Through these practices, our clients have access to deep domain knowledge and experience, developed over more than 25 years. Cellos Tech invests heavily in the development of our intellectual capital and the growth of our staff through open and collaborative forums, coupled with industry best practice.

Cellos Tech has trademarked its suite of methods under the Compass brand, which represent a series of best practice concepts and approaches that Cellos Tech would typically utilise for the delivery of its services. It is common for Cellos Tech to use its own methods, open industry standards, preferred client methodologies or a combination of the three as part of project delivery.

Cellos Tech implements solutions and delivers business transformation services through our core Practices: