Migrations and Upgrades

Across Platforms, Hardware, or Vendors — Cellos Tech Can Migrate Your Data

Our engineers provide planning, implementation, and support services around migrating your database environments. The implementation strategies and tools used will be dependent on the nature of your move; migrating to new hardware, migrating to a new database vendor, migrating to a different operating system, migrating to a virtualized or cloud based environment. The goal is to meet your organization’s business needs, objectives, and budget. Cellos Tech also provides the Virtual-DBA service where our DBAs can monitor and maintain your environment before or after the move.

Migration across OS platform

Looking to migrate your current database to another Operating System platform? Do you need help migrating your Solaris database systems to Linux? Are you moving some legacy database systems to the most recent version of Microsoft Windows? Whatever the operating system or platform, our engineers can help plan and execute the migration.

Migration to new hardware

Looking to migrate your current database environment to new or upgraded hardware? As hardware becomes outdated sometimes the simple act of swapping in new servers requires that the databases be migrated to the new environment as it is the best time to optimize the layout of the data on the server? How do you move your database to new hardware with minimum downtime? Whatever the change to your base server environment, our engineers can help plan and execute the migration.

Migration from one database vendor to another

Cellos Tech’s team can help move you from your current database vendor to another database vendor. Do you need someone to help you move from IBM Informix to IBM DB2 for Linux UNIX and Windows (LUW)? Are you migrating from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server? Want to move that legacy system to MySQL? Our engineers can work with you through all phases of the migration regardless of the databases involved.

Virtualization or Consolidation

Is it time to finally take the leap and move your database servers into an in-house virtualized environment or maybe a hosted cloud to save on expense? Perhaps you have SQL Server databases scattered about your enterprise and you want to consolidate them all into one virtual environment to reduce hardware and management costs? Cellos Tech can help you realize the cost savings relevant to your business by assisting you with the move in either direction. The goal is to size things properly by understanding how the current environments are used and how you plan to grow them over time. Our engineers can work with you through all phases of the process from planning, implementation and then support you moving forward.

Data transformation

Our staff can handle your data migration, loading and unloading data and transformation of data between database systems or platforms. We can also incorporate vendor-supplied load or migration utilities, third party tools or custom written solutions for you.

Contact us today so that we can get started on the job of migrating your database systems to meet your business plan. Typically all it takes is a conference call with our technical team to get an overview of your needs and to gain some understanding of your environment. We will then provide you with a proposal and proceed when you are ready.