What We Do

Company of Excellence

When I reflect back on initial days of Cellos Tech history, I see two distinct periods of our development to date

1. The start-up years from 2011 to 2013 when the Company was developing its culture and operating as a small business.

2. The next period of 2014 representing the transition years, becoming more corporate, ventured internationally with clients and venturing into the field of E-Commerce, Web Content Management.

Today Cellos Tech is trying to be the leading local service provider in our industry. This is not so much the culmination of the last 25 years but rather the launching point for our next period of growth.

The Next Chapter

As we are reaching a point of success in business, we enter the next stage of our development; one which will see us recognised not as the leading 2nd tier firm but as a Regional leader. Cellos Tech will be recognised as a firm focused on American, Gulf and the Asian region. Our extensive investment in processes, methodologies, systems and people, and our dedicated specialist practices set us apart from all other local competitors.

Our client value proposition, 1) Quick and Responsive, 2) Access to a Comprehensive Range of Specialist Capabilities, 3) Easy to do Business with, and 4) Commitment to Delivery Excellence (always keeping our commitments) differentiates us in the market.

What will Cellos Tech look like in our next chapter?

More large scale transformation programs where Cellos Tech is bringing together a complete range of capabilities to meet client requirements

Greater career opportunity for our people to develop in specialist areas or engage with a wide range of clients in USA and in Asia

More international work. Already made a name for ourselves in India