BI/DW Enhancements

Typical Situation

Expand its functionality
increase the amount of data we are importing
allow more users to access the information
replace our hand-written ETL code with a ETL software tool
add a reporting tool
make the whole system run better

Our Approach

Using a small team of BI experts, we review existing documentation, interview key stakeholders, and assess existing systems and processes to determine the cause of the issue(s). From this we are able to recommend either new tools or new solutions to remedy the situation.

Engaging With Us

Assessment and roadmap develop projects typically require 1 to 4 senior level resources for 2 to 8 weeks depending on the size, scope, and complexity of the client situation.


This type of engagement will produce:
Recommendations for a solution fix the problem
High level plan to implement the solution
Cost estimates to implement the solution
Proposal to implement the solution