Installations & Replications

We Do This Everyday—Let Cellos Tech Plan and Install Your Systems

We have experts who plan and install database systems to ensure optimal performance. Let our experts help you.

First we’ll analyze your business needs. That will enable us to properly size and plan what database systems resources your business requires. How your database performs also depends on how often and how well the system is tuned, what kind of workload the application must support and the size and structure of the database. Our engineers can help you make sure the database systems you put in place meet or exceed your needs.

Our engineers will come on site to install, configure and customize your database products to meet your specific business needs.

Database Replication Services.

While database replication is the most challenging aspect of database administration, it is a vital to the availability of your business-critical applications and information. As the name implies, database replication is the creation and maintenance of multiple copies of the same database. It improves availability because the slave database servers can be configured to take over the master role if the master database server becomes unavailable.

Our engineers have vast experience completing this complex process. We can plan, deploy, manage, administer, monitor and troubleshoot replication designs and implementations for a variety of database vendors.

Briefly, here’s how it’s done:
In most implementations of database replication, one database server maintains the master copy of the database and additional database servers maintain slave copies of the database.
Database writes are sent to the master database server and are then replicated by the slave database servers.
Database reads are divided among all of the database servers, which results in a large performance advantage due to load sharing.