Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Solutions

What is Business Intelligence?

The definition we subscribe to is "Business Intelligence (BI) includes a wide range of applications, practices, and technologies for the extraction, translation, integration, analysis and presentation of data to support improved decision making".

It is important to note that BI is not just technology. It is people, practices and technologies coming together so that organizations can make better decisions on a day-to-day basis.

The Value of Business Intelligence

Data integration and integrity - assure that data is consistent, accurate and timely across the enterprise
Easy access to decision making
Quicker recognition of critical information
More informed, fact-based decisions
The ability to predict events in the future based on historical analysis

Common Uses for Business Intelligence Solutions

Marketplace analysis
Sales channel analysis
Performance analysis
Productivity analysis
Behavioral analysis
Supply chain analysis

Cellos Tech has been helping customers implement business intelligence solutions for over 5 years. Cellos Tech team members are recognized thought leaders in the field and have helped drive innovation. Our onshore/offshore model allows us to serve our customers at a higher level of service in terms of communication, support and control on issue resolution. Increased productivity is also a direct result of our engagement model.


BI tools frequently use data stored in a data warehouse or data mart. We have been helping our customers build the right data warehouse architecture and deliver mission critical information to their stakeholders on time.

If you are new to BI, our solutions around building a roadmap or assessing current situation may be most relevant to you. These solutions will help you start a BI program or a project on a solid foundation and reduce risk of wasting precious time and effort.

If you have already assessed your current situation, we are able to help you put together the right building blocks to realize better value from your investments (Requirements, Tool Selection, Solution Development, Enhancements and Training)

Data governance is also a key practice area that is critical to the success of a BI program. With our data governance solutions, you can ensure the success of your BI program.

Purpose: Tools:
Data Storage, Data Warehouse, Data Marts SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, Netezza, Teradata, Greenplum, Vertica
Data extraction, translation and delivery, quality and profiling Informatica, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Talend, Custom Built Code
Reporting & Querying Cognos, Business Objects, SSRS, Hyperion, Qlickview, Jaspersoft, Pentaho, MicroStrategy
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) SSAS, Hyperion, SAS
Data Mining SAS, SPSS
Business Performance Management Dashboards, Balanced Scorecards, Key Performance Indicators, Workflows
Data as an Asset, Application Integration Liferay Portal based solutions, Talend, IBM based MDM solutions