About Us

Cellos Tech is a pioneer in consulting, technology and Systems Integration. We help our clients improve their business performance through the implementation of strategy and the delivery of business and technology projects. Our industry expertise spans the financial services, ICT, government, defense, health, utilities, mining, gaming and infrastructure sectors.

Cellos Tech was founded in 2003 on the basis of three core rules: add value, maintain harmony and enhance character. Nearly a decade passed, but these values remain central to our business, allowing us to continue delivering quality in everything we do.

At Cellos Tech , we specialize in improving operational performance and IT delivery. We do this by improving the way our clients use people, processes and technologies. This means we address everything from business integration to compliance, process improvement to change management and technology strategy to systems integration and application development.

In short, we make things happen.

We have the experience and the industry expertise to ensure real, measurable and profitable outcomes for your business. Cellos Tech... ‘Your vision… Achieved’

Reach, Resource, Respond

Renowned for our innovative approach to solving complex business problems, Cellos Tech has an desirable reputation for delivering results. We enjoy the extensive reach and resources of a large company so we can deliver on the largest projects, yet we remain flexible and responsive to our clients' individual needs. We do this by adopting a pragmatic, vendor neutral approach and by working in partnership with our clients; we form strong and long-lasting relationships because we generously share knowledge, expertise and energy and we maintain a single-minded focus on producing results.

The Future

Continually growing, we focus on being the best in our field by recruiting outstanding people, developing our employees' capabilities and effectively managing our collective knowledge. Above all, we will continue listening to our clients to ensure their requirements are successfully met, every time.

Our ultimate goal is to be the employer of choice in the Management Services industry and the company clients call first when they need to transform their business.